Memories Seen Through the Camera's Eye




This is a selection of photographs which encompasses five generations and spans about seventy-five years.

The earliest collection includes a snapshots of my grandparents and parents - and in one instance a picture of my great-grandmother, Henrietta Margaret Bowler, taken when she was in her eighties. The photograph, although blurred by time, has endured in my father's family photograph album, which he started when he, himself, was a youngster of ten.

My mother's album contains pictures of her family - parents, siblings and cousins, many of whose descendents live in Australia and Britain today. Although we live in far-flung corners of the globe, we still continue to stay in touch through letters, photos and now via the convenience of e-mail.

Old friends and good times - both in India and Canada - are also mirrored on film, as are many family celebrations at Christmas, birthdays and weddings.

Our children, Glenn and Susan, have been a special joy in our lives, and the collection includes childhood photos in India and others taken in Canada during the past thirty-plus years.

Over the years, it has been a pleasure to capture the scenic splendour of British Columbia, and a selection of these pictures are also displayed for those visitors, who might like to come by this part of the world at some future date.

Our extended families in Australia and Britain have welcomed us into their homes on several visits over the years, and no album would be complete without snapshots of our many memorable holidays in their midst. So c'mon in, drop by and meet our folks who live, work and play 'Down Under' and in 'Blighty'.


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