Family Wedding Photographs

Mum's and Dad's Wedding: Allahabad, February 20, 1940

Bridesmaids: Norma (Mum's sister) centre

Their Wedding Cake

My cousin Clifford Penn-Anthony's Wedding: October 19, 1953
L to R: (name unknown) Mum, Dad, Pastor (name unknown,) Enid Penn-Anthony(groom's mother)
Clifford Penn-Anthony, Doris (nee York),
Gerald York (bride's father), "Granny" Faville,Margaret (bridesmaid), Alec Faville (best man)
Front: Page boy, Phyllis (bridesmaid) Page boy

Our Wedding: Bombay: April 19, 1969

Best Man, Colin Duarte; Bridesmaid, Vilma Lobbs

Left: Jenny Deefholts (Leon's Aunt), Right: Dad
Seated: Granny (Mum's mother), Mum
Phyllis and Derek Beavan's Wedding: September 5, 1981

With Dad and Mum

Susan (Flower Girl), Bob Caverly (Best Man),
Margaret (Maid of Honour), Glenn (Page Boy)


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