The Penn-Berkeley (previously either "Anthony" or "Penn Anthony")branch of my family emigrated to Britain in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and until recently I had lost track of succeeding generations of the family. Thanks, however, to the wonders of the Internet, Susan Penn-Berkeley Brooks found my website with photographs of her grandfather, Trevor Penn-Berkeley, and we have now re-established contact. The names in red in the chart below are featured in the photographs on the next page—click here to view.
For an affectionate tribute by the Old Boys of LaMartiniere School Lucknow to Trevor Penn-Berkeley, click here.


The family connection in relation to the photographs below is as follows:

Trevor Austin Penn-Berkeley (my father's brother) - m - Olive Sherwood ("Kitty")

(1) Trevor Donald ("Peter") Penn-Berkeley - m - Evelyn Borges (née Cameron)(divorced)

(2) Colin Arthur Penn-Berkeley - m - Rosalie Jane Cook

(i) Kevin Wesley - m - Bridget Stewart-Norris

Morgan Stewart-Norris

(ii) Colin Arthur II - m - Sylvia Parkinson (née Towet)

(1) Jenny
(2) Jessica
(3) Colin III

(iii) Susan Elaine & (iv) Helen Eileen (twins)

(iii) Susan Elaine - m - John Brooks

(1) David John Penn
(2) Daniel Paul

(iv) Helen Eileen - & - Robert Lewin


(v) Corrine Ann - m - James Deacon

Ben and Sam


Harold Penn Berkeley (my father's eldest brother) - m - Gladys Eileen Morrison

Alan Ernest Penn Berkeley - m - Anne Gutteridge

(1) Steven Carlton - (now in the USA) - m - (1)Dianne (divorced) -m - (2) Lydia

Rebecca and Alan

(2) Philip Alan - m - Sandra (now in Australia)

Richard and Alexander

(3) Nicholas Stuart - m - Diane Booth (in the UK)

Samantha and Maria

The Penn Anthony family connection with Velters Berkeley (lives in the USA) and his aunt Valerie (UK), goes back through eight generations.

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