Susan Lynne Deefholts
Thomas Charles Nagy
July 6, 2002

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The Reception Hall at Wellington House

The Wedding Cake

The String Quartet

The Nagy Family:
L-R: Andrew, Giselle
Tom, Susan and Dave

The Bride's Family:
L-R: Derek & Phyllis Beavan, Tom & Susan, Margaret & Leon Deefholts
Glenn Deefholts and fiance Claudia

L-R: Andrew & Giselle Nagy, Tom and Susan,
Margaret & Leon Deefholts

The Wedding Party
L-R: Dave, Michelle, Ciara, Nic, Tom, Susan, Sharon and Mike

Susan's bridesmaids & their partners:
L-R: Rob & Ciara;
Michelle & Bill;
Sharon & Stephen

Tom & Susan

The Bride
Susan Lynne Deefholts

Proud Mom, Giselle

Dad Leon

Glenn Deefholts and fiance, Claudia

Cousins from England:
L-R: Chris & Cathy Hewison
Virginia Webbe and Christina Hewison

Old Friends:
L-R: Merlyn Brendish
Earl, Mercy & Gita Anselm
Mickey Brendish

Goofing off!

Tom practising to carry his bride
over the threshold?

Secrets in the Garden!

Mum & Dad escorting
Susan up the aisle

Exchanging their vows

Registering a kiss?

Bubbles for the newly-weds

Cake-cutting kiss!

First dance

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