Leon's Brothers, Colin and Keith Deefholts - and their families.

Colin Deefholts - m - Eva Grosvenor

1. Sylvia
Daughter: Coral Deefholts
2. Jeanne - m - Michael Beatty
Children: Renee and Nicole Beatty
3. Donna - m - Peter Clark:
Children: Jasmine, Kristal*, Jacqueline Clark
* Kristal Clark- partner - Adam Taylor: Daughter: Allira Donna Taylor
4. Fay - m - Paul Lovett:
Children: Tamara and Adam Lovett
5. Sally Ann - m - Stephen Miranda
Son: Shane Miranda
6. John Mark - m - Leanne
Children: Jayden and Mitchell Deefholts
7. Terrence (Terry) - m - Danielle
Daughter: Milly Deefholts

Keith Regnald -m-Doreen Mary Jones

1. Eugene Keith - m - Kate Hill
2. Leanne Bernice - m - Scott Andrew Whyte Son: Callum Buzz Whyte
3. James Edward

Colin & Eva Deefholts's Family Photos

Colin & Eva (Terry in the background) at "Peace Arch Park"on the border between Canada & the USA during their visit in 1984

1984: At the Canadian/US Border: L-R: Margaret, Eva, Glenn, Colin, Leon.
In front: Terry & Susan

1984: Eva, Colin, Terry, Margaret & Leon in Canada

1988: Paul Lovett, Terry Deefholts, Stephen Miranda, Michael Beatty, John Mark Deefholts. Kneeling, Peter Clark.
Middle row: Sylvia Deefholts, Eva & Colin Deefholts, Jeanne Beatty, Donna Clark.
Front Row: Sally Ann Deefholts, Fay Lovet

December 2002: Back row: Paul Lovett, Donna Clark, Margaret Deefholts, Derek Beavan, Leanne & John Deefholts, Phyllis Beavan
Middle row: Jasmine Clark, Fay Lovett, Sally Ann Miranda, Shane Miranda;
Front Row: Jacqueline Clark, Mitchell and Jayden Deefholts

2002: Michael and Jeanne Beatty with their twin daughters Nicole and Renee

2002: Terry's & Danielle's Milly Deefholts

Keith and Doreen Deefholts's Family

1991: Keith & Doreen

1991 Eugene

1991: Leanne

1991: James

The Brothers Three...

Australia 1981: Leon, Colin, Keith

Canada 1984: Colin and Leon

Australia 1991: Leon and Keith

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