Growing Up in India

Me aged three in Asansol 1944
'Tis me again, aged four in Asansol, February 1945

My sis-fliss (Phyllis) aged one in Allahabad, 1946 and her first boyfriend(she knew a cute guy when she saw one, even then!)

Phyllis (my Dad is holding her hands) aged two in 1947

A two year old Phyllis looking pensive on her Birthday in September 1947

Phyllis aged four in Allahabad
(1949)with a selection of her
"Sisters" Phyllis and me
in Allahabad (1949)

Four years later in
Calcutta (1953)
Teenagers in Guwahati 1959 - six years makes a big
Guwahati 1959
Phyllis, Guwahati, 1959
Moi Guwahati, 1959

Phyllis in Bombay 1961

Growing Older in Canada!

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2007



Mighty Christmas Ham

He sings Waltzing Matilda and goes...Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Sis turns Sixty!
September 5th 2005

December 31st, 2007

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