My cousin Frederick Tucker Deatker Jr was born in India and now lives in Australia. This is his first poem - about a battered old hat and its unusual history...

My Ragged Ol' Hat

Fred is also the subject of Australia's Anglo-Indian Country and Western vocalist Terry Misra's song Fred the Indian Bushman

Cousin Susan Penn-Berkeley Brooks lives with her husband, John and their two sons, Daniel and David, in Leicester, U.K. She is currently delving into her paternal ancestry (one which she and I share as second cousins to each other), an interest sparked by the memories she has of her beloved grandfather, (my uncle) Trevor Penn-Berkeley. As she puts it: "As a six year old I used to sneak off into Gran's and Grandad's bedroom, curl up with Grandad, and be utterly spellbound as he read stories to me and told wonderful tales of a far off, mystical land called India!" Her poem "Grandad" is a poignant tribute to his memory.

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"Reflections in a Miracle"
Two contemplative poems
A deeply felt farewell to her father, Colin who succumbed to Alzeimers: Bye, Bye, Bye, Good Night, God Bless.

For more photos of Susan and the Penn-Berkeley family, click here.

Although our contributors on this page have hitherto been either fiction writers or poets, Noel Wise takes us into a different sphere of creativity in his non-fiction article on the art of gardening entitled Garden Competitions which offers tips on how to improve your horticultural skills and perhaps win a trophy. (See updated photos of his garden).

Noel is a Burma Star veteran of the second World War and a retired Commander who was Director of Music of the Indian Navy. A keen and expert gardener who has lived in Calgary for the last 25 years

He is also the contributor of a whimsical essay entitled "Eradicating Evil !"

Read Noel's latest contribution - Internet Ripoffs
Ellen Kohli's allegorical tale isn't just for young readers. It is dedicated to "all who believe in the magic of Life". Her own life reflects much of that belief. A natural raconteur with a wry sense of humor, she has held me captive with many a story coloured by her imagination or drawn from her eventful past. Her artistic talents range from stage-set and costume designing to painting and needlecraft. By her own admission, she also has the gift of clairvoyance.

Of Japanese-German descent, Ellen moved with her Indian husband from China to India after the end of the Second World War, and raised five attractive daughters. Now a grandmother, 83 years young in mind and spirit, she lives in Mumbai, India along with her eldest daughter, Mimi.

A Ball of Twine is the opening chapter in this, her first work of fiction.

Michael Smith was born in Calcutta, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia. His poetry reflects the mystical insights he has received along his spiritual journey through life. Michael works with Blue Care looking after terminally ill war veterans. He would like to find a publisher for his work in order to share his thoughts with a wider audience, and to raise money from part of the proceeds to benefit the destitute in Calcutta through the Calcutta Tiljallah Relief organization.
A selection of his poems are presented here under Journeys of the Heart and Meditations.








Pamela Kent was born in Southport, Lancashire, England. She grew up in Wimbledon and obtained her School Certificate from London University. Pam later married and came to Canada; she and her husband now reside in Surrey, British Columbia.

When she reached sixty, Pam learned to use the computer. She took her first Creative Writing course and the obsession began! She obtained her Creative Writing Diploma from Surrey Continuing Education in 1993.

Pam won the Surrey Continuing Education First Annual Writing contest in 1992 and again in '93. She reached the finals of the Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference in 1993 and again in '96. Received an Honorable Mention at the Surrey Writers' Conference in 1999 and a Second Prize in 2000 Surrey Writers' Conference, with a piece from her memoir. In 1998 she taught a two session course - 'Short Takes' for the Surrey Continuing Education Creative Writing program.

Pam has had thirty to forty articles published - mostly humour - in the Surrey Now, Vancouver Sun, B.C. Parent, Pioneer News and a couplet in Peter Gzowsky's book; The Second Morningside Papers. She wrote a humour column for the Surrey Now for over a year. She has a piece in the recently published CBC's Mark Forsythe's BC Almanac and her writing won her a trip from CBC radio to stay at a luxury inn in Whitehorse in the Yukon
Pam is currently working on her memoirs, and Just An Angel - She's Only Lent is a delightful chapter from her book.

Lee Beliveau: Catitude.

Lee says her life is one of observation, both professional and personal. At present she writes what she feels about being alive, nursing and Haiku poetry to illustrate her photography."

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