Memories Are Made of This...

Travel back in time to old familiar places. Re-live yesteryear: sleeping under a mosquito net on a bungalow lawn, the summer nights heady with the scent of frangipani blossoms. Hear again the distant yowl of a jackal at dusk. Recall the rhythm and clack of the wheels over the rails as rural India - tranquil and timeless - speeds by your window. Read tales of cultural dislocation, poignant reconciliatons, and ghostly encounters. Walk the throbbing streets of Bombay, drop into Nizams in Calcutta - and chuckle at an encounter with a macho camel trader at Pushkar.

Above all, come "home" once more to that greatly loved, but now vanished world of Anglo-India.

(and *excerpts from selected chapters)

I. Short Fiction:


Random Winds


*The Chowkidar*

*The Shorter Road *

*Zarina's Doll*

St. Anthony's Horse

The Guardian Angel

*Those Were The Days*

II. Poetry:


*I Witness*

III. India Travel:

Matheran: Where the People are a "Friendly and Hospital Lot."

Pushkar: Camels for Sale

*Calcutta Revisited*

The Backwaters of Kerala

*Rohinton Mistry's Bombay*

IV. Retrospectives:

*Essay: Railway Life in Anglo-India*

Chasing Ghosts in Bombay

*Haunting India*


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