Review by Lynette (Lynne) Rebeiro
Editor: Anglo-Indians In Touch Newsletter

From the very first story "Be-Longing" to the very last notes in "Retrospective" Haunting India manipulates time. Life around you dissolves as your senses relive the memories of India.

Margaret paints vivid pictures of humanity whether it is lived in the city, the village, or the ruins of an old fort. The stories keep you enthralled -- my special one was the visit to the Camel bazaar, how I would love to have been there but I was able to experience the thrill of the moment through Margaret's eyes.

This is a novel of traditional story-telling, an escape, entertainment that we all seek in good fiction and non-fiction books, and this does not disappoint. There are heart-warming and heart-wrenching tales, bittersweet amidst life's joys and tragedies. Haunting India has the knack of portraying beauty, joy, folly and the sadness in the daily lives of people. She breathes life into her authentic characters, they are rich, infuriating, lovable, and nostalgic - recognizable to us all. Many of the stories touched on Indian domesticity and reminded me of my early years as a child there. Closing my eyes I could picture my Ayah talking, helping me dress, serving me food. Pungent scents, exotic sounds, Indian accents heard and remembered but most of all poignant memories.

Readers will participate in the experience of India, that remain in the deep layers of the minds of those who have lived there. Memories help us maintain an awareness of our identity and Margaret has certainly accomplished this in her stories. A truly enjoyable book, one which I hope to read again and again.


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