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Wanderlust is a fever. It's often infectious. Usually incurable. For those already afflicted with the itch, this is a good scratching post. For those eager to catch the contagion, settle yourself in a comfy armchair, and let your temperature rise as you hit the adventure trail.

As your guide and raconteur, perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Margaret Deefholts, a professional free-lance travel writer, member of the Travel Media Association of Canada and Vice-President of the British Columbia Association of Travel Writers. I live in Surrey, British Columbia, and my travel articles on Canada, the U.S., Britain, Europe, Australia and India, have been published in B.C. magazines, the Globe & Mail (Canada's national newspaper) and several community newspapers throughout the Province.

Many of the tales I will share with you are about people, their beliefs, traditions, history and culture, and the landscape that sustains them. Other stories will take you on a quest along secret pathways off the main highway. There are spooky yarns, and anecdotes of the absurd. And finally those that are about simply getting away for a good old time on vacation.

Do join me. And come back for more. Like those warnings on cigarette packets, wanderlust can be addictive. But it isn't harmful to your health. Nor is it fatal. It's just plain fun!

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