The Way We Are:
An Anglo-Indian Mosaic

Here we are again.

The Way We Are
(TWWA) edited by Lionel Lumb and Deborah Van Veldhuizen is the fifth in our CTR Books series on the culture and way of life of Anglo-Indians.

TWWA judges selected 43 entries whose authors were distributed as follows:

USA – 14;
Canada – 11;
Australia – 7;
UK - 6;
New Zealand – 3;
India – 1; and
Hong Kong – 1.

Isn’t that amazing? And the common element is the Anglo-Indian today.

As our editor Lionel Lumb says, “Put to rest are all the old calumnies of a shiftless people, drifters dependent on the goodwill of a colonial power and uncertain about their place in the world. Indeed, these pages reveal the world is ours, as we bring the trengths of our multicultural heritage to light the way for the increasingly diverse societies in which we’ve settled” .

The gross proceeds of all sales go to CTR Inc – the charity helping less fortunate Anglo-Indians in India

Blair Williams, Publisher, July 2008
CTR Inc., NJ, USA.

Pricing: $ 18.00 in USA and Canada
$ 20.00 in Australia and New Zealand;
£10.00 in UK.

Note: Postage for two, outside the USA, is the same as for one.
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Following Anglo-Indians. Vanishing Remnants of a Bygone Era; Haunting India; Voices on the Verandah, and The Way We Were


Blair Williams, the publisher of this effort, is a Chartered Engineer (London) who immigrated to the USA from India in 1976. He has spent the last 24 years as an executive in manufacturing companies and is now an Industry Professor at Brooklyn Polytechnic. He is the author of a technical publication, "Manufacturing for Survival (Pearson 1997)".

On a visit to India in 1998 he was appalled to see the condition of the seniors of his Community, evoking the all too distressing realization that, "there, but for the grace of God, go I." On his return he set up CTR Inc., a 501c(3), 'Not For Profit' charity, expressly to help indigent Anglo-Indians in India. Today the charity provides monthly pensions to over 230 seniors in three major cities in India and is helping to educate over 100 children.


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